Advice for Ankle Sprain

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Advice for Ankle Sprain

You remember that my sone was extremely worried about his paper cut without bandaid. By the way do you think you can cure paper cut with acupuncture? Probably not at least direct way*. It was always strange to me that there are no acupuncture treatment modality for would by sword, even though ancient China had a lot of wars.  Generally we think we can cure ankle sprain or rotator cuff tear with acupuncture. But, do you know only difference between paper cut and ankle sprain is visibility? You can see skin tear, but you can not ligament tear. Same tissue injury and they need time to be healed.

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*Some may say there are researches about acupuncture and wound healing, yes, that is true too, but one glass of milk can help would healing for poorly fed boy. There can be indirect effect, and that effect is very little, you know that, you won’t try acupuncture when you cut your finger with kitchen knife.

There are very common legend in acupuncture. It goes like this. “I tried to treat  sprain on the legion and ashi point, but never worked, but, you know what? When I inserted needles on his wrist points, BAM! it was healed right away. It is a shame that I did not know yet that wrist is an ankle on upper body. Acupuncture is amazing!” I would bet a dollar that it took about a week for him to change the acupoint from ankle to wrist. Or, just acupoints on wrist could control pain more efficiently. Yes, I was skeptic always and still am, and I am even fair. I am not criticizing acupuncture. How about the steroid for tissue tear like sprain, tendonitis, etc?  There is inflammation, and applying strong anti-inflammatory medicine looks very reasonable. What a simple and stupid idea? Inflammation is the part of healing precess. Taking NSAIDs and getting shot  control the pain, and give peace of mind, like bandaid for my son. Unfortunately there are little things we can do paper cut as little in both TCM and conventional ways. So, God treat patients, and doctors get money.

It is just like a farmer growing potatoes. He can not make potatoes grow at all. Nature does, but he gets money. Isn’t it fair? They do tremendous hard work to grow potatoes well, and we, doctors, do same things too. So, we deserve the same respect and treats like farmers. But, There is a very important difference. They do not think they grew the potatoes, but we think we treated the disease**. They do not play god, and we do. They thanks to god, but we rarely. 

**Yes, there are some disease which we can treat, and  is conquered. But, I am talking about general patients in our acupuncture clinic.

When you think you are controlling something you can not control, you will be end up with two situation.

1. Pushed too hard to ruin everything. Like most of the fathers with teenage boys, and acupuncturist using very dangerous herbs. I personally was in this situation, I almost kill the patient, I really wanted to treat him, so I pushed too hard, then.

2. Disappointed and devastated with powerlessness. But, remember that power was an illusion at a first place.

My point is this. Just like farmers make the proper environment for potato growth, we do for patients healing. Making proper environment does huge job for healing of sprain compared to acupoint. But, modern days acupuncturist are always looking for miracle cure, which point, how insert…etc. It is a shame that we acupuncturist think like modern medical doctors who gave up all the virtues of caring. Contemporary medical doctors seem like giving more attention to mind, spirit, and life modification even more than TCM doctors, while TCM doctors mimicking Dr.House. Even though once TCM was called “life modification medicine”.

When you treat the ligament injury(actually most of disease), you should give a lot more attention to patients’ life modification like working out, nutrition, sleeping, and mind health. I am meaning more time and effort than pondering about acupoints. It is like doctor is spending most of time pondering which manufacturer’s steroid I should use. No matter how you insert, which point you use, which steroid you injected, patients healing will go on naturally. More depended on spouse attitude.

*** Spouse hostility may worsen chronic low back pain, REUTERS,  Health News 18, 2017

Bottom line:

Please apply proper immobilization and timely ambulation for ankle sprain, and most of tissue injury.

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