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Safety I know what you are thinking. “What? move with needles? Is it even safe? Just thinking about it makes me scary” If you put needles anywhere and move around, it will be very painful, and also there can be a danger of bent needle, or...

Advice for Ankle Sprain

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Advice for Ankle Sprain You remember that my sone was extremely worried about his paper cut without bandaid. By the way do you think you can cure paper cut with acupuncture? Probably not at least direct way*. It was always strange to me that there...

Why we need movement treating patients?

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Acupuncture helps us to move properly by fixing the issues of underlying structural and energy flow. Movement helps qi-energy flow properly, and accelerate whole healing process. Acupuncture and Movement is the flintstone igniting our healing...

My son and bandaid

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We heal ourselves, Natural healing power My son and bandaid My son came to me crying with paper cut. His index finger was barely bleeding. I tried to find bandaid but fail. I just washed and sterilized his hand and told him, 'Just leave it...

Oscillation and joint cavity needling

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Joint needling and Joint movement   Oscillation and joint cavity needling Purpose Increased local blood flow, more immune cells and nutrient to joint structures. Joint lubrication by moving synovial fluid, which brings nutrients to joint...

Assessing Prognosis of Back Pain

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This chart is applied for assessing the prognosis of musculoskeletal pain. For the purposes of this discussion, I will use the example of lower back pain. The chart is based on the Kinetic Acupuncture procedures used at our clinic. It gives the...

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