[Acupuncturetoday.com] East Meets West as Samra Clinic Opens Doors as the Largest Oriental Acupuncture Spinal Center in the United States (05/13/2009)

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Press Release Date: Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Los Angeles, CA – The result of innovation often occurs through collaboration, when the best of two celebrated ideas are jointly applied, forming a ground-breaking new concept. It is this principle along with an enormous rate of successful treatment for chronic and debilitating injuries without surgery that led to the creation of the Samra Acupuncture Spinal Center, the United States’ largest and most advanced Acupuncture Spinal Center.

The Samra Acupuncture Spinal Center (www.samraclinic.com) is the epitome of “East Meets West”, providing traditional, holistic Oriental medicine from leading Korean doctors, with the guidance and technology of MRI and X-Ray machines. The modern scientific evidence obtained through the advanced diagnostics allows for the optimal level of patient care and an extremely high rate of successful treatment from the doctors.

The Samra Acupuncture Spinal Center is a 10,000 sq ft facility that is complemented with state-of-the-art medical equipment including, MRI and X-Ray machines, PACS (Picture Archiving Communication System) & EMR (Electronic Medical Records), along with 20 newly furnished private patient rooms. The clinic is located at 1730 Olympic Blvd., Suite 100, in Los Angeles.

[Please note new clinic location: 2727 W. Olympic Blvd, Suite 210, Los Angeles, CA 90006. This new location does not have an X-Ray or MRI.]
The expert staff at the Samra Acupuncture Spinal Center are Oriental Medical Doctors (OMD) with PhD degrees from Kyunghee Oriental Medical University in Seoul, Korea. These degrees entail 10 years of full-time education, six in Oriental Medical Universities and four interning and performing residency at Oriental Hospitals. The Samra doctors bring with them advanced medical degrees and honors along with expertise in Kinetic Acupuncture, one of the greatest advancements ever in Oriental medicine.

What makes Kinetic Acupuncture unique is that it is not currently being practiced anywhere else in the United States besides the Samra Acupuncture Spinal Center. Unlike traditional methods of acupuncture, during Kinetic Acupuncture the patient does not lie still in bed for 15-30 minutes during treatment. Rather, gentle movement of the extremities or affected area gives nearly instantaneous relief and the impression of a heavy weight being lifted from their body. This eases the mind, relaxes the body, and alleviates concern about the painful area while promoting active healing.

This revolutionary treatment has had miraculous results for patients suffering from chronic disc disease or deterioration in the spine. Treatment often allows patients to return to normal daily activities, while lowering the risk of recurrent pain. Kinetic Acupuncture helps to re-educate muscles along with stimulating and increasing the range of motion. Treatment areas vary but acupuncture can provide pain relief to the jaw, neck, shoulders, back, knees, and other prone areas along with reducing the effects of fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome.

“Conventional medicine cannot provide health. All they do is provide the medication, pain medication, and physical therapy. What we offer is something of a miracle medicine because we’ve been treating a lot of ambassadors in Korea and every time they call it just that, a miracle medicine,” said Jae-Hong Kim, CEO of the Samra Acupuncture Spinal Center. “A lot of people know these days that acupuncture is really effective in pain control, but ours is a more advanced type of acupuncture,” says Kim.

And, in order to provide the most genuine and effective treatments, an important facet of the Samra Acupuncture Spinal Center is the herbal medicine lab housed within the facility. Herbal medicine is an incredibly powerful healing tool, but when combined with oriental medical treatments it can result in life-changing differences in patient’s health and well being.

Based on over 3,000 years of continuous clinical experience, herbal formulas have been refined over the centuries, and are empirically proven to be effective for a wide range of conditions. Most of the herbs are grown organically, without pesticides or using Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) standards. The remainder of the herbs are grown conventionally with all of the herbs being imported directly to our clinic from HAMSOA, known for the highest quality herbs in South Korea. Every product is authenticated and lab tested for purity and potency, ensuring safety and efficacy.

The Samra Acupuncture Spinal Center is also affiliated with Samra University, a private non-profit corporation that is the oldest school of Oriental Medicine in the United States. Samra University teaches classes in Chinese Medical Theory, Acupuncture Theory, Chinese Herbology and clinical work, along with the basic sciences, anatomy and physiology. Many of the Samra Acupuncture Spinal Center Doctors teach at the Samra University, ensuring that the students receive a first-rate education from some of the leading Doctors in the field while providing the Spinal Center with interns and residents.

With the goal of providing treatment and pain relief for a variety of musculoskeletal diseases and injuries, one can be assured that a successful recovery begins by speaking with the Samra doctors. It is their passion to impart on their patients; century’s worth of wisdom coupled with modern technological advancements to ensure that the Samra Acupuncture Spinal Center’s staff stands unmatched in the quality of care they provide.

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