My son and bandaid

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We heal ourselves, Natural healing power

My son and bandaid

My son came to me crying with paper cut. His index finger was barely bleeding. I tried to find bandaid but fail. I just washed and sterilized his hand and told him, ‘Just leave it untouched, it will be healed before you know it’, with widened cute eyes my son asked me, ‘How can it be healed without bandaid?’ Yes, big pharmaceutical company choose the right advertising agent. They brain-washed my son. Many of my patients are not that different from my son. They want to control the healing, frankly that is rarely possible, as long as you are not in war zone.

Stop feeling controlling, but control it.

There is old Chinese tale, one messenger had to convey the letter to his lord. It was so urgent, so he hired the most expensive horse carriage. But, it felt so slow, and there was nothing he could do except sitting in the backseat. It made him feel uncontrolled, so he kicked out the coachman, and drive the carriage by himself. But very soon, he started to feel agitated thinking horse is too slow. He unloaded himself from carriage and started to run with letter on his hand. Finally he felt he is controlling the situation. *

韓非子 32 外儲說(左上)504
-齊景公遊少海, 傳騎從中來謁曰:嬰疾甚, 且死, 恐公後之. 景公遽起, 傳騎又至. 景公曰:「趨駕煩且之乘, 使騶子韓樞御之. 行數百步, 以騶爲不疾, 轡代之御 可數百步, 以馬爲不進, 盡釋車而走. 以煩且之良而騶子韓樞之巧, 而以爲不如下走也.

Many cases, what we really need to heal is just being natural, maybe doing nothing or stopping all the activities, maybe you think they can fix the problem, like taking pills.

In modern days, people tends to control everything, when they can not control things they get anxious and nervous. We started to control nature and our body too in tremendous ways compared to just 200 years, but still there are so many things we can not control. Unfortunately(arguably fortunately) most of the healing process is still unconquered area. We can not cure simple cold or paper cut, they just heal by itself. In the other hand, ignore nessesary and proper effort to get better, and just depends on scientific illusion like chemicals.

  • They stop working out, and seek magic pill for weight loss.
  • They stop working out, and get a hypertension medication.
  • They do not want to rehabilitate with so much effort, after injury.
  • They just seek sweets, instead of control their eating.

Whenever I try to change modern days patients’ life style, they resist and reply, “That is the reason I came to you. I want that without those changes, I can not take so much rest…”

We want to control the situation in a easy way, not proper way even in our own health. We want to feel controlling by not stopping swallowing pills, but not actually controlling situation. It is like just buying a books instead of studying, it may make us feel easier, but nothing changes. Same. What really matters in our body healing usually can not be done from outside. Outside factors are so small compared to ourselves can do. So to speak, working out, eating right, taking good sleep, etc.

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