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By Meagan McCrary

CEO Jae-Hong Kim and a team of elite Korean doctors are changing the way Americans and MDs are looking at acupuncture. “Actually a lot of people know these days, acupuncture is really effective in pain control – neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain– but ours is a more advanced type of acupuncture called Kinetic acupuncture,” says Kim, CEO of the new Samra Acupuncture Spinal Center. “Ours is a very active acupuncture. We insert the needle and the patient moves.”

The Samra Acupuncture Spinal Center specializes in musculoskeletal disease, effectively treating everything from ruptured and degenerated discs, to paralysis in stroke patients, using Kinetic acupuncture. Kinetic acupuncture is effective in treating musculoskeletal diseases because it’s an active treatment that moves the muscle, opposed to static conventional acupuncture treatments. During static acupuncture treatments, the needles are inserted and the patient lies still for 15 to 45 minutes, whereas during Kinetic acupuncture, the needles are inserted and the patient moves with either the help of the doctor (passive movement) or on their own (active movement).

“You can fix the alignment in your spine by movement, that’s the basic concept of Kinetic acupuncture. With static acupuncture you can do nothing but alleviate pain, but with Kinetic acupuncture we can make your alignment right. That’s the point,” says Dr. Hyung Seok Choi, one of the OMDs who came with Kim to open the acupuncture spinal clinic. Kinetic acupuncture works by re-educating or retraining the muscle, often increasing the range of motion instantly. Where there is pain, the muscles are experiencing spasm, and can be thought of as “frozen.” When the needle is inserted the muscles are thawed (increasing muscle tone) allowing for greater range of motion, but the muscles need to move in order to be retrained, the essence of Kinetic acupuncture.

“Conventional medicine cannot provide health. All they do is provide the medication, pain medication, and physical therapy. They cannot recommend surgery because they know that it is not good, the relapse rate is more than 70 percent,” says Kim, who was the CEO at a large Korean hospital specializing in disc herniation. In just three years, the hospital went from earning $20 million annually to $100 million, treating half a million patients a year. “We call this something like the miracle medicine because we’ve been treating a lot of ambassadors in Korea and every time they call it miracle medicine,” he adds.

Kim is referring to the many “emergency cases” treated by Kinetic acupuncture, where patients have arrived on stretchers with ruptured discs and leave walking. There is even 90 percent success rate of reviving muscular movement following a stroke if patients immediately receive Kinetic acupuncture treatment.

Kim is now ready to take the American market by storm, bringing three of the top OMDs from Korea with him. At 10,000 square feet, with 20 treatment rooms, MRIs, x-rays, 4 specialized doctors, and a number of interns and residents, the new spinal center is the largest and most advanced Oriental medicine clinic in the United States.

[Please note new clinic location: 2727 W. Olympic Blvd, Suite 210, Los Angeles, CA 90006. This new location does not have an X-Ray or MRI.]

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