The Society for Kinetic Acupuncture

The Society for  Kinetic Acupuncture. 

Welcome to practitioners, patients, public and those interested in Kinetic Acupuncture.  It is our purpose to advance the techniques of Kinetic Acupuncture within the broad spectrum of current health care.  We aim to do so by creating highly skilled practitioners of the technique through training in books, live classes, and online courses.

The highly skilled practitioner of Kinetic Acupuncture is committed to getting results for patients quickly and honestly.  We call this Solution Focused Approach in therapy.  This means the ability to examine, assess, and facilitate treatment intervention along the kinetic chain, for the purpose of getting instant results when instant results are expected per the the proper prognosis.  The ability to make a proper prognosis and ‘stick to it’ with delivered results is an indication of the high skill set and expertise of the Kinetic Acupuncture practitioner.

Why do we have such confidence in our skill set and technique?  Because quite often in the cases of pain that we treat and see everyday we are able to achieve instant results above and beyond any other health care practice available.  Kinetic Acupuncture is the penultimate synthesis of acupuncture with phsyio  kinetic therapuetics.  It is a modern acupuncture technique created by Dr. Hyungsuk Choi and derived from the most rigorous acupuncture institutions in the world based in Korea.

I am fortunate to have worked and studied closely with Dr. Choi in clinical and classroom study during my doctorate program at Samra University, Los Angeles, 2009-2011.  From that work and close observation Dr. Choi and I have written and published the first of what are expected to be more books on the subject of Kinetic Acupuncture.

We invite practitioners interested in Kinetic Acupuncture to familiarize themselves with the technique.  The Society of Kinetic Acupuncture will endeavor to create hands on classes, seminars, and CEU opportunities for those wishing to advance themselves within the technique.

For general members of the public and patients the exercises and stretches done in Kinetic Acupuncture are frequently encouraged to be used by self for maintenance and continuance of good health.  There is a wealth of information contained within the discipline.  Fountain of youth and good health are achievable.

Please feel free to contact us for more information about learning Kinetic Acupuncture.


Dr. Evan Mahoney, DAOM

Co-Author with Dr. Hyungsuk Choi of “Korean Kinetic Acupuncture”. E book available at

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“Fountain of Youth” and “Eliminate Back Pain, Hang from a Tree”  stretching books for general public use derived from the therapies of Kinetic Acupuncture. Ebooks available at Amazon.comfountain series