Why we need movement treating patients?

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Acupuncture helps us to move properly by fixing the issues of underlying structural and energy flow. Movement helps qi-energy flow properly, and accelerate whole healing process.

Acupuncture and Movement is the flintstone igniting our healing power.

You remember our old TV set. It needed precise slap(stimulation) and shaking(movement) to work properly. Our body needs them more than TV.

Force only with necessity. Our healing system work with proper stimulation and movement. Acupuncture stimulation and movement urge patients’ healing process.

We have often-neglected- super power of healing. But, that process only happens with our necessity. When we try to move, necessary muscles develop. When we try to move, even nerves are getting connected. In the other hand when we stop moving, our muscles get atrophy, joints are stiffened, body is heavier and eventually  all kind of disease like hypertension, diabetes follow. It is another difference with no-living organism. When they get a constant stress, the part getting stress get a problem, like constant water-drop make a rock a hole. If you do not stop kicking one of the legs of your dinning table, that leg will be broken sooner or later, and you know what? Your leg will be stronger. That is the method those Thai-boxers train their shins. Just our beloved Nietzsche once told, “If it doesn’t kill you, it will make you stronger” That is the way our body works. We need a stimulation and proper movement. One of the mechanism of acupuncture is micro-trauma, intentional minor reversible trauma, actually that pain helps ourselves to heal faster.

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In this era, the 6 year old little girl, Cameron give us some inspiration. In 2007, One day, she started seizure, her muscles to stiffen and contract, and she temporarily lost consciousness. An image of her brain shows an empty space on the right side and a normal brain on the left. Rasmussen’s Encephalitis. The disease is eating away at her brain and she’s plagued by fits. After Hemispherectomy, doctors knew that Cameron would be paralyzed on her left side when she awoke. But the brains of children have amazing abilities to rewire themselves. When she never stopped to try to move, her brain rewired, and muscles built. Stroke patients get better as long as they try to move their paralyzed limbs. When they stop moving their limbs get shrink.

Movement is the final touch of acupuncture treatment.

Functional approach beside Structural approach because we are moving organism.

Movement helps qi-energy circulate locally and systemically after acupuncture. Acupuncture treatment fix the problem of energy flow, and movement enhance its process. Movement with(after) acupuncture is the process of fixing by it’s proper functioning.

We are moving creature, so moving is essential part of treatment.

No matter how complicated it looks, Eiffel tower is not moving. Human beings are moving and living organism. Fixing structure is the most parts of fixing regarding non-living object. Think about replacing door knob, adjusting table legs… In modern society with a materialism, even with a human being, we started to focus fixing our body like fixing objects. Replacing and adjusting. Ignoring our unique healing function. You can not fix the problem of human by replacing the parts, we also need to consider moving parts, so to speak function.

Think about cleansing your engine. Just adding solution do not do anything, after you run the engine, solution move around all the valves, cylinders… And done! My father’ trick with bike was movement too, when he rotate the gear, its function is restored and structure restored too.

Therefore, just -tomy, getting rid of organs.

Transplant, replacing the organs..

Those are marvelous procedure, but medicine is not all about fixing the non-moving structure like table. We need to restore and check if everything function properly.  That thing, restoring function can not be done with out function, namely moving.

Acupuncture helps the proper movement by controlling pain

Yes, movement is so important, but some times it is impossible because of pain.  Acupuncture control pains to move, some times they can not move even if they know they should because of pain. Frozen shoulder, low back pain, paralyzed limbs…

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Acupuncture helps proper functioning(movement) by restoring balance of our body

My old friend always starts swimming in second lane and finish in third lane. I assume he has one side limbs is longer or bigger. What do you think if he practice go straight constantly? He will have even limbs movement and strength. It is just like wheel alignment of your car, if alignment is off, it can not go straight. If your one leg is shorter than another and blindfolded, you probably won’t walk straight.

We need to fix structure to move properly, that is right especially if that is non-living object like car or my noisy washing machine.

But, The other way around is also ‘TRUE’.

We need to move properly to fix our structure, that is so true especially if that is living organism like you, human.

Acupuncture balances our alignment by adjusting muscle tone and length, and movement accelerate it.

Acupuncture and oscillation is the fantastic way of increasing local blood flow and lubrication of joint to move easily

Both Atx and Movement help get more stimulus(blood flow) on acupoints and lubricate joints to help movement.

More blood flow means more nutrients and immune cells to tissue

Acupuncture and movement can both help remodeling ligament or cartilage

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Stimulates Biological activity by moving synovial fluid, which brings nutrients to the avascular articular cartilage of the joint surfaces and intra-articular bibrocartilage of the minisci. Atrophy of the articular cartilage begins soon after immobilization is imposed on joints. Immobilization there is fibrofatty proliferation, which causes intra-articular adhesions as well as biochemical changes in tendon, ligaments, and joint capsule tissue, which in turn causes joint contractures and ligamentous weakening.

Increased fluid re-absorption from capillary beds and lymphatics

Acupuncture can work as a biofeedback of paralyzed muscles to move

Acupuncture can give biofeedback of firing muscles.

n case of sever motor weakness like foot drop, put the needles on place and let patients fire that muscle. Patients tend to be frustrated with proper movement, they try but it doesn’t move as intended. First acupuncture stimulate that muscle and let patient feel the part he is moving. Second when he try to move, muscle fires, he feels the pain on the location of needles. It works as a positive feedback of proper firing and intensity. If that exact muscle fire more, more feedback he gets. Doctors can get a visual feedback by amount of movement needles too.

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