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About Heo-im

Heo-im was the most famous acupuncturist not only in Chosun(朝鮮, old name of Korea) , but also China and Japan. He was born in the family of the lowest social class called Nobi(奴婢). His parents were both Nobi who work as servant. But, with his incredible reputation with acupuncture, at the age of 29, he became the acupuncturist who works for the kings through three loyal generations, Sunjo(宣祖), Kwanghaegun(光海君) and Injo(仁祖). He was even granted to change the class and become an official working for government department. During Korean-Japan war, demand of acupuncture increased, Heo-im showed remarkable work and he became more famous. But other noble class officers could not welcome his promotion and tried to disgrace him. At the age of 50, eventually he came back to his home town with his old mother, and spent his rest of life treating ordinary people. He lived long and died age of 77, ChimGuGyungHumBang was published just 3 years before his death.

Portrait is from the image of TV drama

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